Frequently Asked Questions

How does Guardian detect falls?

We use very similar technology to self-driving cars! Born out of Stanford PhD research, we use wireless signals to sense what is happening in the home. The Guardian sends out tiny pulses of energy and listens to the reflections. Over time and with enough pulses, we can determine how objects are moving. Each movement creates a unique pattern that our system compares against the millions of existing patterns in our database to determine what is occurring.

Who is Guardian meant for?

While we believe something like Guardian can be useful to almost anyone, we want to help those who live alone first. We are initially targeting older adults who are 65+.

Is it privacy invasive?

We use no cameras, and Guardian does all of it’s processing locally--no raw data ever leaves the device. Even if it did, nothing is human understandable. Only our device can understand the data!

Will it cover my whole home?

A single device can cover 2000 square feet of home space. Place it somewhere centrally located and rest assured that you are covered.

What information is shared with my caregivers?

However much information you choose to share. You have the option of keeping them informed if you have fallen or need help, if you are at home or not, and more options to come.

Is it harmful?

Guardian is significantly less powerful than your Wi-Fi or cell phone, so you never have to worry about anything harmful.

What does it do besides fall detection?

Fall detection is just the start! Need laundry picked up? A ride to the movies? Groceries delivered? Technical support? Just want to chat? We have a team of trained Care Agents available 24/7 who are always happy to assist in any way they can.

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