Keep your rising risk members safe & happy in their homes

Reduce Hospitalizations

Increase Patient Satisfaction

Acquire New Data

Improve Risk Stratification


Combining deep technology and human connection for earlier detection, prediction and prevention of poor outcomes

ER visits due to falls in the US each year
Cost of hospitalizations for older adults with ADL limitations
Older adults wish to remain in their own home
Average yearly savings caring for older adults at home vs. senior care facility

Real time contextual awareness into your member population

With Totemic's Guardian you can always know what is going on with the members you are responsible for, in a non-invasive way – without cameras or wearables.

Our Care Companions will work with your older adults to help them set and progress towards goals that matter to them and better connect them to their surrounding community.

Our Care Companion team will measure and keep track of lifestyle behaviors and the social determinants of health each of your older adults are coping with.

Guardian automatically tracks falls and activities of daily living, giving you real insight into critical changes in patterns.

Over time, Guardian will be able to automatically track vitals signs, such as heart rate and respiration rate, and integrate with a diverse array of connected devices to improve things like medication adherence and chronic disease management.

Control what happens when an emergency arises

Instead of an expensive ambulance and ER trip, a Totemic Care Companion will always be on the other end of the line when your older adults are in need and will connect them to the appropriate help. Keep it in network and handled in the best way possible – before the major expense happens.

We haven’t seen any other technology companies building what Totemic is and trying to solve a problem that is a top strategic priority for us today, tomorrow, and over the long-term.

Investment principal for one of the largest integrated delivery networks in the United States

This definitely seems far superior to existing PERS and RPM solutions that have low market penetration. The single device approach could be very impactful in creating a better user experience for the older adults.

Investment director for health plans covering 100m+ Americans

We’re focused on fall detection, medication adherence, telehealth and food delivery and I think Totemic is a platform for all of these areas.

SVP for one of the leading home care platforms in the United States

Always on communication channel with your members

Need to schedule a follow up appointment? Check if medication is being taken correctly? With Guardian, you can reach out to your older adults directly or ask the Totemic Care Concierge Team to get the answers you need on your behalf.

With Guardian's two way voice capability, your older adults can always be connected to your member services team or an in network care management partner with just the push of a button.

Put your older adults first

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